The Campus of the Academy of Economic Studies is organized as following:

      The main building of the Academy, placed in 6, Piata Romana, consists of: 3 auditoriums, 12 lecture halls, 24 seminar rooms, 3 gymnastics rooms, Aula Magna, Council Room, Central Library and the main reading rooms. It is the headquarters of the Rectorate and the main faculties of the Academy. This building also holds the Distance Learning Center, the Professional Training Department, the Publishing Department, the Printing Department, Reuters Laboratory, the Center for Professional Consultancy and other functional services (Diplomas, Protocol, Contests).
      The building situated in Mihai Eminescu nr. 13-15 consists of 6 lecture halls, 17 seminar rooms, 58 laboratories. This is the headquarters of the Faculty of Commerce and the Faculty of International Business and Economics. It also holds some of the Chairs of the Academy ( the Chair of Commerce, the Chair of Marketing, the Chair of Science of Commodities, the Chair of Finance, the Chair of Foreign Languages, etc.)

      The building situated in Calea Dorobanti nr 15-17 consists in: 9 auditoriums, 20 seminar rooms, 36 laboratories. This is the headquarters of the Faculty of Computer Science, Statistics and Economic Informatics.
      The building in Aleea Macedonski nr. 2 is the headquarters of the Economic Research Department.

      The buildings situated in Cihoschi street provide the necessary rooms for the student's sports activities. One of the buildings consists of: 2 multifunctional gymnastics rooms, 2 aerobics rooms and medical offices. The other building consists of foreign languages laboratories, the multimedia room and other administrative offices.

      The building situated in Calea Grivitei nr. 1 has 7 lecture halls, 17 seminar rooms and 15 laboratories. This is the headquarters of the Faculty of Economic Studies in Foreign Languages, the Romanian-Canadian Institute and the ASE Language Center PROSPER.

      The building situated in Intrarea Amzei nr. 1-3 hosts the Romanian-American Consultancy Center and the National Institute of Economic Development.

      The group of buildings situated in Mihail Moxa nr. 3-5 consists in: 13 lecture halls and 14 seminar rooms for the activities of the Universitary College in Bucharest and of the Students' Arts Club (Club M). The Students' Art Club has got a rich and beautiful tradition. This is the place where students organize debates and meetings on various topics alongside with a lot of other artistic activities. The new canteen in the Moxa group can cater for 3500 people. It was inaugurated on October 15th, 1996. It is a two-storied modern building.
      The Central Library of the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest was set up in 1913, at the same time with the Academy of High Commercial Studies, with a total of 3800 books. Restructured and modernized after 1990, the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest Library is the most important unit of scientific information and documentation in the field of economics, with more than 1 million books of great variety from 18th century first edition to the most recent publications. The library offers to teachers and students optimum documentation and study facilities. It consists of 14 reading rooms, each faculty having its reading room, with modern equipments. The members of the library can also use the 3 lending centers. After 1990, the Central Library has set up an intense cooperation system with similar foreign institutions, by exchanging publications, catalogues and other information means. The ON-LINE Catalogue with the existing titles can be found at: sau la
      The Academy of Economic Studies owns 22 residence halls with a total capacity of 6400 places for accommodation and 2 rented residence halls with 600 places.
      More information about the accommodation system can be found here